OPPO A15 Series – Everything That You Need To Know


If you are an ardent camper, you will surely consider the OPPO A15 for your travelling needs. There are various reasons for you to buy this gadget now. You might be planning to take a holiday tour in Italy or France, or you might be a keen camper who wants to have some leisure and protection from the scorching weather in Alaska. Whatever be the motive, OPPO A15 can surely cater all your needs while in pursuit of pleasure.

When you buy OPPO A15 online, you also get an amazing companion with you. It flaunts an impressive combination of thirteen MP, 2 MP, flash, and two MP cameras to capture your precious moments. It also takes fantastic pictures in a variety of conditions.

You can use this amazing camera in different situations since it comes with a lithium ion battery. The OPPO A15 smartphone has got a built-in lithium ion battery so you do not have to buy new batteries while on the go. The OPPO A15 camera is one of the best digital cameras that offers you various facilities like multiple auto focus, image stabilization, facial recognition, and it also records high resolution videos. The shooting modes available on this camera are video, still photos, high definition, slow motion, and still photos.

The OPPO A15 is packed with all the facilities that you could ask for in a smartphone. The camera has an impressive collection of widgets pre-installed on it including play videos, music player, calculator, address book, games, calendar, and so forth. The OPPO A15 runs on the Android OS 4.4 Kit- Downloaded on over 600 million mobile phones across the world. With such a high-end smartphone like OPPO A15, who would want to wait for additional software to load?

This smartphone comes with OPPO Universal Connectivity Services or UCS, which is a feature rich platform for connecting people. With OPPO A15, connecting to the internet is easy with apt connectivity options like wifi on bikes, buses, subways, and taxis. OPPO A series comes loaded with many features as well. For example, OPPO A series comes loaded with the facility to live stream videos on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, and Vimeo. With this facility, your loved ones can easily get the latest news from you, view pictures from anywhere in the world, listen to songs, see videos, and even enjoy full hd quality music.

For its durability, OPPO A series packs a lot in the case. It comes with a hard body, screen protector, scratch resistant screen, and lots of storage capacity. Along with the hard case, the OPPO A series also packs in a 2.5inch multi-touch capacitive virtual keyboard, a laser scanner, a high-definition camera setup, a data card, an O-GPS receiver, an SOS button, a USB charging port, an infrared illuminator, and a low power consumption power LED. The OPPO A series can also be enhanced with a Bluetooth headset, a heart rate monitor, a barometer, a compass, a timer, and a GPS.

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